The Bitek family produces high-quality equipment, materials and tools.

After a long production period, in 1965, a group of corporations was founded that quickly became one of the most influential groups in the realm of technical products, drills, washing machines, cores, paints, electronic products, etc.

In 2008, we noticed that there was a need for high quality and added value work tools, and we immediately reduced production costs to be fair to our customers and the world market. Also in 2012, with the help of our best factories and production lines, we established a new brand we called “B.Tech Tools”.

B in honor of the group of corporations.

Tech in the name of the technological investment we strive for.

Tools after the type of products that our company produces.

Together, our brilliant leaders created the “3WIN” concept:

Uncompromising quality, valuable and profitable solutions for everyone.

Thanks to 155 years of experience and knowledge, we have succeeded as a brand in strengthening and increasing our presence in the global market, and today we operate in 98 different countries around the world. Our high-quality tools are used by professionals very effectively around the world.

Our vision – always to lead!


High quality and lifetime warranty
Attractive wholesale prices
A fair price for the consumer

We believe in producing products that serve the customer’s needs, and meet the company’s high values.

98 different countries around the world benefit from our quality tools


The price of our products is fair because we are the factory.
We have pricing strategies for major chains in Europe and the US.
value to the customer

4 generations of experience.
Patent pending – 57 patents and countless patent models.
Our staff and technicians from all over the world continue to invent new tools so that we will always lead in the field.
Surveys – we conduct surveys with high frequency in order to verify our position in the market, and to always stay one step ahead of everyone.
Everything in one store – we have a very wide range of tools, which makes us attractive among our distributors.
values for the user

lifetime warranty.
High quality products.
Successfully passed strict American and European standards.